Links ^_^

Below you'll find a list of sites that I think you should visit. Have fun =]



Outside The Wall

Outside The Wall. Unequivocally the best music forum hosted by ProBoards. It's that awesome I've listed it before my own site =P Go register. Now. =]

This is my 'other' site, although unfortunately it wasn't coded by me. If you're a 40k enthusiast then go take a look, but otherwise (and this is probably 99% of you) I wouldn't bother. =P

Warp Storms
Fantasy Aura

This is Arty's site. It's an RP with a rather thrilling storyline! Okay, so I've not read all the background material, but it looks rather interesting if that's the kinda thing that you're into. Go take a look. =]

Oh, there's also a book based on it, which you can buy here. =]

Brian cries because he knows that no-one besides me actually reads his blog. Either go read, or join me in pointing and laughing =]
Things Everyone Should Hate

Okay, so this is Sammy's blog. About things you should hate. It's pretty neat, go look. =]