ePortfolio =]

Here I'm going to show off all of the online stuff that I've done, basically =] It'll mainly be websites that I've built, but there will probably be a few templates that I'll put up for public use. I don't claim that any of it will be of decent quality, but that's what you get for downloading the works of an amateur =P

So without further ado...

This site =P

This is... well, the site you're looking at =P About two days work, from initial sketch to final piece. The site was drawn, then designed in Fireworks. From there I coded everything, hacking up my initial idea for the images. Testing and suchlike lasted about a week, during which time I also played with a few of the images =]

This is Kami's website, Oodles of Art. She somehow convinced me to throw some HTML together for her, and this is the result. A couple of firsts for me here - tables with scrollbars (because I'm not a fan of scrollbars on the page), semi-transparent tables (this was uncharted territory full stop, although they've been removed in a slight redesign) and mouse-over submenus (these were just a complete pain xD). I did most of the initial design work, while Kami whipped up the images and added the actual page content =] Oodles of Art
Grass Template

This is just something I pieced together after reading a couple of little tutorials. It's not perfect, but it's a start, haha. =]

I made this while bored, simply to give myself something to do. It's called "lana's a dork", because, er, lana's a dork. So yeah, that's about it. Ohyeah; the background image is from here, and there's a tiny little thumbnail from Lana's devArt. I'm not putting it up for download, because right now I'm too lazy to sort the files out. Tough luck, ya hippies!

lana's a dork
Seppy Food

This site belongs to Marty, online alias 'Sepafire', or 'Seppy'. A little while ago I stumbled across his site, which was being renovated, and a few days later he asked me if I'd be willing to help him updating it. The content (aside from the Recipe page, which I remade) already existed, so I just whipped up the template off his existing banner.

I made this a while ago to help cure a severe case of boredom. It never quite got finished, and right now I can't be bothered to tweak it, so I'll just display it as it is. There's no real purpose to it, but once I've finished it, I might put the files up for download. =]

Pinkish Template
B&W Template

This one pretty much only exists because I found a pixel pattern site, haha. I was pretty much gonna scrap it, but figured I might as well finish it, having already spent about fifteen minutes procrastinating over it. =P