This page is just a list of shout-outs to people that I think probably deserve them. If you think you do, but you aren't on here... well tough really =P If I have forgotten you, you'll probably get added at some point =]

Okay, here goes...

Firstly, I reckon I should say thanks to Lana and Kami - you've listened to me moaning and complaining and ranting into the early hours of the morning far too many times, and always been there when I really needed you. I love the pair of you, and you're both awesome forever ♥

Next, pretty much anyone I've been out drinking with over the past year or two. Anyone who's part of the semi-regular Tuesday night crew fucking rocks.

Stevey C gets a special mention though. Love you babe. ;]

Vicky said ages ago that I have to add something for her, so thankyou for being "an influence on [my] life", and for "talking to [me] when [I was] staying up at like 3am on weekends when [you] could handle that late" =D

Quick thanks to J too, just for accidentally naming the site, without even knowing it.

Lastly, I'd like to say that Minime is awesome. Her inspiring wit, charming personality, and ravishing good looks are aspects that one would usually be jealous of.. but because of her genuine sincerity and loving nature, it's impossible to hate her.    =]